More Distractions!

Another day, another report of slow progress on armies but more shiny things to work on.

Most Exciting is the chance to paint some Circus of Corruption resins from Old School Mini's upcoming Kickstarter. I'll be cracking on with them next week with a hope of incorporating them into my Kings of War Army as maybe fleshlings.


In the post I've also got the great fan sculpted Squat Berserker. I have no idea what colour scheme I'll do but I'm torn between the traditional Orange hair and something a bit different like White. We'll see how it goes. Amazing work by Jason and The Marcocosm casters to get this turned around in a few days from green to metal. It's a nice crisp figure. 

I've finally got my Titan stripped and ready to go. Now to decide on a House. No actual use for him in a game at the moment but I love the old chap as it's one of my first ever minis.

On the plus side I have painted something chaotic as It's for my monopose challenge and it's killing multiple birds with one Beastman as it'll be used in my KoW army and fill out my WHQ Bestiary.


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