Relight my Fire

Vanguard - Goblins Vs Northern Alliance

As mentioned in the earlier Battle report (here) Louis and I had lined up for some Vanguard to try out the new rules. It was the 3rd game I had played. the first being coincidentally exactly a year previous using the beta rules. The second I had to call early as I Was short on time. Both hadn't completely grabbed me but I was willing to give it a chance before I ignored the option of KoW skirmish completely. For more information on Louis' great models and painting see here.
Force Selection The Gobbos
Having very little idea of what would combine together well I picked a varied goblin force hoping to have a bit of shooting, a bit of combat and a bit of support. I was also slightly limited to what models I had painted up and as a result had to make do.

To start off with although goblins aren’t the most aggressive that I can see from the list I needed to inflict some wounds in Combat. The two Mawbeasts and the troll should provide some thum…

The Pull of the Sea

Some say it makes you all powerful. 

Some that they don’t have access to it and it upsets them. 

A taxable commodity in a certain person’s ideal. 

I’ve seen requests for it to be banned and heard anecdotes of it giving people nightmares. 
Although I’ve used units that shamble before I’ve never either had access to, or chosen to double up shambling with surge.
My abyssals larvae legion were a great unit and performed exactly the function required of them. I never really felt the need to try and arrange their massive footprint for a flank surge so didn’t miss surge. I’ve had some water elementals in a couple of games for my fledgling Trident Realms army but never gone the whole hog. With the recent addition and assembly of a Ggreater Water Elemental I figured I’d go all in and try a surge Mythican, Siren, GWE and a horde of WE. I’ll aim to assess what I think and mull over whether I think it’s for me.
For the first time in a battle report I’m going to write me thoughts and preamble before the…

Elvish nonsense

Having got my 1000pts of Trident Realms in the bag and painted I have volunteered to paint my brother's old High Elf army for use in the Franticon event next march. He'll be teaming up with me for doubles and going it alone on the Sunday. I've always been suspicious of elves but as it's a pretty elite army it should paint up pretty quick and I'm keen to build a list which showcases all the KoW mechanics for my brother to learn. I'm also keen not to stack it hordes of bane chanted archers and Drakon Riders. I'll try and base the army around chariots, cavalry and a dragon to give the feel of a sea borne raiding party all highly mobile. I need to make sure that it's not over complicated so may steer away from Vanugaurding units. All of this is a very cunning plan as it will give me further incentive to paint and get another army sorted. As it's such a small force I'll be trying to up the paint and modeling effort and try out different colour schem…

I Pitty the Thuul

Here We Go! Finally I manage to get myself to a tournament and it turned out to be rather a good one.  Showing once again how friendly the KoW community is, led me to taking a train ride to meet yet another stranger with the hope I'd make it home alive. A quick lift up to Hemel from Rusty Shackleford via the station to offer another lift and we arrived at the venue. 
It being doubles I at least knew one person in the room and by the amount of chat on the Kings of Herts group i could now put names to faces. A fair amount of aimless chatter later and with only 3 mins left before games were meant to kick off there was a hasty set of instructions from Paul and Matt and we were underway. 
The venue was a little chilly to start but soon warmed up with all the hot air that a group of wargamers can provide. Along with the nicely laid out tables full of scenery there was free tea and coffee and a few drinks and crisps to buy. ThePit had also turned up with a cornucopia of goods, all at 20% o…

The American Adventure

In a voyage of discovery not seen since the last time I went to the states I took a punt and decided to ask around if anyone would want a couple of games while I was over in the US of A. Amazingly a little spark turned into a rapidly growing snowball (now there's a mixed up metaphor) and I ended up planning a mid week game in Beech Grove, Indianapolis and meeting up on the Saturday of Historicon in Lancaster, PA. I was pretty bowled over by the hospitality of all I met, from beers to lifts to offers to meet up next time people were over visiting their Aunt and a pact to meet up at Salute 2019. I'll list the exploits I remember....

Stop 1 Indiapolis Getting a cab is the only way I can actually get around the states easily when I am out there. The last time I took a punt and got a cab to the middle of nowhere to a pop up board game Cafe night in a brewery. This turned out great and I even got a lift home for my troubles. Buoyed by this I again got in a cab to the middle of nowh…