Roman Might

Romans! Thousands of them! Romans! Thousands of them!

Second up in the SELWG league was a game against George’s Kingdom of Men. KOM were the first army i used when starting out in KoW a year or so ago when i was using my old GW Dogs of War. I was pretty hopeless and it took me a while to get to grips with before trying out Abyssals and moving on with them. I was keen to see what they would do in a the hands of a better general. A brief note on George’s army and list, it’s a lovely set of Romans based on legionnaires and cavalry which looks amazing and fits very well fluff wise as they have few missile troops and blocks of rock hard infantry. I was pretty worried about trying to chew through all that de5 nerve if they got anywhere near objectives. 

Deployment and scenario
The scenario was Scavenge....again. I rolled up on the terrain table and got a building, two woods and two forests. We rolled up for who would place first as per the instructions. George got to place....a house…

Battles and Blood Bowl

More weeks go by and more incoherent collections of painting modelling and gaming. I'll attempt to give my first battle report for KoW against James's Varangur in the SELWG League as well as rambling about bloodbowl and distractions.

Blood Bowl!
Somehow my goblins are still doing ok In the league and they're lining up to play the tricksy High Elves next. All that agility and starter skills look pretty daunting but Paul's team have had some crippling injuries so we'll see. To make sure the game is well managed I happened to dig out an old ref model I had and paint him up. He was missing his cap peak for some reason so a bit of sculpting later and he now has a beanie. The Cronx cup has been going so well that we're now starting to draw in players for a new season. Having had them in a box for a while and always keen to paint something new I've dug out the Greebo Games Bretonnian team I have. They're a pretty mad collection of starting skills and have no big…

Woad to Success.

Another few weeks pass and I have had the usual scattergun approach to painting. Attempts to organise the chaos have failed so the current list is: Multibased fleshling unit of barbarians for my Kow AbyssalsFinishing off the last few units for my abyssals armyThe Fan Sculpt Bezerker SquatThe odd monopose goody here and thereThat seemingly never to be finished Warhound TitanRepainting my blood bowl goblins for a leagueStarting to paint my Bretonian blood bowl teamThose Trident Realms languishing in a boxPlus tens of other things I've forgotten. 
In addition to all the painting I'm attempting to squeeze in games for a blood bowl league at The Ludoquist, Croydon. The league as started well with a win over the Ogres of  "Cathay Sadistic" before taking a kicking against the "Brutes were made for Orcing" Orcs. Next up are the Underworld critters who hopefully with their lower strength and armour I should stand a chance against. Currently in a healthy mid table po…