Rolling some dice and pushing around some toys… but how do we roll them?

Pre-Intro Ramble

It's been a long time since I have blogged so what's the best way to solve this? Get someone else to write a piece! A guest contribution from Kings of Hert's Mat Green on the ins and outs of dice rolling. Mat hosted the first competitive wargaming event I ever attended and has, with gaming partner in crime Paul, been one of the champions in growing a KoW tournament scene in the London area. It may be the first of many entries, we'll see! That's enough rambling from me though. Over to Mat...
Introduction I was reading an article about dice rolling etiquette in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 105 recently. It was a great article, and I suggest you go read it before we go any further. Go on. It’s a great mag, Ill wait. Back already? Cool.

The article was talking about gaming in general, but rolling of dice in Kings of War, and the rules and norms involved have come up a few times on podcasts, forums and Facebook threads. It set me to thinking. …

Making an Immersive Battlefield

Intro  When you deconstruct wargaming it can be seen as moving bits of plastic/lead/resin around on a table and rolling dice. Theoretically (and I have done a few times) you can play with proxies and use piles of books for hills, cut out pieces of card for forests etc. What really drives the engagement for me though is two or more beautifully modelled sets of toy soldiers arrayed for battle on an equally complementary battlefield of rolling hills, rocky outcrops buildings and lush forests. Having a well presented battlefield is just as important to me as the armies battling over it. There are plenty of horror stories out there of people paying for events only to turn up and be presented with tables of brown cardboard or white polystyrene. 

Whilst these events hit the headlines what doesn't seem to get as much attention are the events with a good mix of well themed terrain that's been lovingly constructed. A great example of this is Kings of War:Military Encounter an Argentini…

Morrish Vs Green - The Might of the Sea Vs half Clad Celts

Well, this is a little awkward. Still no content from me but Mat's put together a battle report using the Universal Battle online application. It's a great way to learn new things, play lists that you've dreamt up and generally make your mistakes. It'll never replace pushing toy soldiers about and rolling dice but it's sometimes a more convenient thing. As luck would have it there are a couple of "how to" guides for UB here:
from Matt at Hobby Sauce : HERE and a link on how to play by email from Steve at Death By dragons: HERE
Pitting Mat's Berzerker heavy, historicals themed list against Elliot's Wave of Elemental fuelled Trident Realm. they're playing a 1495 point game of Kings of War 3ed ed and the scenario is invade ListsMat's gone heavy on attacks and low defence with plenty of supporting fast cav chaff. Elliot's put a whole heap of eggs into a surge based list with a Kraken for staying power.  

With the surge shenanigans all over th…

Shoelace Will

William Black had been an unextrordianry child. Born to the village shipwright and her husband he spent his childhood playing with toy boats in the harbour and setting them adrift in the waves. On his 12th year as was customary he left for a life at sea, enrolled as a deck hand on the Prancing Naiad. A swift cutter, the Naiad spent its working days ferrying wares across the infant sea; young Wiily exposed to all the wonders he could face. As he matured into adulthood it was clear he was a hefty lad, not broad but tall. Put to work furling sails and packing the hold it was apparent his continuous growth showed no signs of abatement. Struggling to manage his enlarged frame William had given up strapping his worn leather shoes as he was unable to reach them. The rest of the crew jibed and joked with their lumbering crew-mate and the soon enforced tag of “shoelace” became part of his moniker.

Everything changed the day the midnight sails of the Swift Vengance hoved into view. Spying the …

Facing the Storm


Capture the Giant....Thing

Game one of the Campaign for the crew of the skinned elf was against the Northern Alliance's Black Order. The pair of scouting parties had tracked down a massive walking monstrosity and would set out to do their best to irritate by a thousand cuts. 
The Ogres set out to war with:
Ogre Sgt, Jock Wrekham - Heavy Weapon, bandagesWarlock, Grakem'Goroth - Lucky charmSiege Breaker, Horny HagrathWarrior, Chef RotgutMauler Warrior, One eye'd GrokBrave, M'Goor'Gn'ThrogBrave, G'Throg N'GorogGoblin Rabble, Scroat - Spear The Northerners formed up with:
Thegn - Rare Mount, Heavy WeaponHurscal - Common Mount, Heavy WeaponHruscal - Common Mount, Heavy WeaponIce Queen - Helm of commandElf clansmanElf clansmanElf clansmanIce Kin Hunter - bodkin arrow, long bowAs per the scenario the giant set up in the centre of the board, the pirates in two distinct bands with the braves, siege breaker and warlock on the left and the others on the right. The opposing archers deployed i…