The fish are in the freezer for a bit. I've got horribly distracted by other stuff. Namely:

The need to finish my KoW league (Cok17) and tournament (Cok18) lists for my abyssals. With the changes to molochs and formations I'm hastily painting up a wingless archfiend and some chums (old GW Chaos Ogres) to accompany them. I'll finally then be able to take some group shots. With the points cost of Abyssal Heroes it gets pretty easy to get the total army points cost so I think I'm running at about 5k of options, just not all painted. Thankfully yet another challenge is helping out on this the Monster March.

Next up is a stowaway gnome that came with my Abyssal Dwarf Cannon from Old School Miniatures. Couldn't say no to a quick paint and it's fun to paint something that isn't a daemon or a fish. The Cannon is on the list along with the second one I have to form part of my Abyssal Dwarf Allies/Force. Which leads onto....

Monopose Challenge. Having dug out some old plastics and seeing how great terrible the paint job was on them I thought it'd be fun to collect and paint up a set. This lead to finally getting round to paining a big hat, big beard abyssal. I'm still short a couple and never had a few of them all those years ago but it's fun trying to figure out what bit of the sculpt is what.  Follow more on this distraction here.

Then we have the Middlehammer Legacy Challenge. Something I missed out on last year and I'm hoping to get my act together this year. I'll be raiding the bits box and it may be an ogre based mess of a spawn but we'll see. Knowing me it'll be a rush last minute job. 

I have no idea if I'll manage it but I hope I can as it's the possible as it's one of the first ever miniatures I owned. The Oldhammer Facebook groups' March of the Titans. A great example of the Work here. I'll be working yet another recovery from the old boxes.

The final bit of painting is a spot of board game stuff for a friend. Blokes on bikes is about as far removed as I can get from horned fire bolt shooting daemons but again it's nice to break up the pattern. They're nearly done now though so It'll give me a chance to get back to work.

General KoW fashion seems to be post spreadsheets of units and their progress. Maybe I should use it to spur me on to finish the fishmen. We'll see. 


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