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Seeing as the last Blog I tried to keep was useless I'm hoping that as this one has a purpose I'll keep it going. I'll be tying in with the Blings of War website tracking the progress of other gamers starting up Mantic only armies. I loved the old Games Workshop "Tale of Four Gamers" in the 90s so it feels good to do something similar.

Among other things toy soldier related, I'll be tracking the progress of my new Kings of War army - Trident Realms. I managed to pick up a couple of bargains on eBay so have a Mega Force and Army along with 6 Wyrm riders and a booster Water Elementals trio on the way. Some quick fag packet maths means I can get a 2k pts army out of it and the plan is to get it all done this calendar year.

I'll be aiming for a 100% Mantic and where possible multi based army. I've really liked the speed of set up and diorama style bases I made for my Abyssals so it makes sense to go all out for the new bunch. As there's not much chance of getting the whole army set up ready to go quickly, I'll be experimenting with smaller point battles and allying in units to my Abyssals force to try them out.

The new Clash of Kings 2018 book is bringing out a few unit changes, new spells, artifacts, units living legends and formations. As I'm Mantic only I probably won't be able to use new units until they get models for them. I am holding out for the new formations and spells as they'll be affecting my army composition. There's also a Kraken on the horizon...

I'll be focusing on an infantry heavy force with my two usual tactics. A bastion and flanking division. The bastion will have the shooty bits, slow moving anvils and inspiring hanging about. The flanking division will have nimble Wyrm riders, surging Elementals and Riverguard. I'm hoping that the CoK formations will allow me cheap upgrades I can then further boost with Artefacts if needed.

I tend to not go mad for items and only use a couple such as the addition of pathfinder or piercing as a top up. I'd rather spend the pts on additional units (tend to get an extra unit for not taking items on 3units). The exception being the odd 5pt item to make up the points. A key reason for me shunning the items is I ALWAYS forget to use all of them.

Units I'm particularly interested in using are:

I've run a horde of Lower Abyssals with the two hand weapons and they stick around a lot. With the better regen on these guys AND ensnare I'll be building my bastion around these lot. Nerve looks a possible issue so it'll be a prime target for a boosting artifact spell etc.

Water Elementals
I've not had the pleasure of using a Surgeable unit yet so the new strategies I can use will be interesting. I have been using shambling Larvae but their roles is completely different.

Making more comparisons with my Abyssals, I've only used Gargoyles and winged heroes as fliers. I tried Tortured Souls briefly but didn't seem to like them. Having a bunch of annoying fliers armed with ranged weapons will be fun to try out.

This is a precursor to the Blings of War Site and blogs going up. At which point I'll move over there.

Next up I'll try some musings about fluff ,colour schemes and multibasing ideas...


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