Into the Rift

Despite there being little in person gaming going on these days the guys at Table top Conflict and Mantic have joined up to allow a global campaign for the new Halpi's Rift Supplement. I've signed up with Jock and the Ogres and have been assigned into The College as my sponsors from a choice of 4. I am not sure what it means in the long term but hopefully we'll find out. It gives a great chance to provide more fluff to the band of pirates and what they'll get up to. 

Focus for this will really be on using the models I have and expanding their personalities as units. I won't be going for daft skew lists just because it is being played on Universal Battle . The first scenario is Dominate which I think is a great one for Ogres with their scoring heroes and good ratio of footprint to US. It's also being played on the Material Plane and means I have access to a lot of interesting Artefact choices. The material plane also gives some pretty tasty buffs to spell casters as you would expect from a Halpi's scenario. 

The opening game will be against ThunderSquid! By the intriguingly cryptic introduction and a small part of detective work I would suspect that the other faction will be Varangur, so I shall expect a bag of hammers and some conclave shooting, but who knows?

As it's the first game of the campaign the boys will be sending an advanced scouting party, leaving the heavier units to disembark and prepare. Jock may not even turn up, entrusting the first skirmishes to someone else's command.

Full details of results and progress are on the Tabletop Conflict Website.

For a bit of background flavour here are the opening exchanges...

Jock waded ashore from the long boat, wrapping his cloak about him tighter to protect from the chill. By 'eck it'd freeze the balls off a brass monkey he thought to himself. He'd been on some wild goose chases in his time but this took the biscuit. Nomagarok had convinced him to just keep going. Heading further and further up the coast. Eventually they turned hard to Starboard and dropped anchor to despatch the landing parties. Crammed into the slender boats almost comically cheek by jowl they set to the oars and were swiftly ashore.  

The bitter breeze was streaming down from the mountain range in the distance and regrettably this is where the wizened old sage had directed their path. Striding over the tight knotted landscape with it's sparse treelines and low dishevelled dry stone walls they came within site of against all odds what appeared to be a vast sprawling tavern. An unsteady reveller squinted into the distance and hastily retreated inside as the hulking pirates came within a few hundred yards.

Turning to the crew Jock bellowed

"The drinks are on the house! let's show them a good bit o' Wreckham 'ospitality" 

With a thunderous bellow the buccaneers advanced. Almost as soon as they did they faltered at the sight of a lone, bearskin-clad rider kicking up clods of frozen earth with his approach. Jock Turned to meet him...

"Crew of the Skinned Elf, You are trespassing in lands claimed by The Bank. We, the true warriors of Clan Korvarr, hold these hills. Personally, I would prefer you stay. Our blades have been dry for far too long. Our employer demands that I give you the chance to surrender or leave before we arrive.-Hildrandr"

"Avast yer scurvy lubber. What kinda authority do ya think you av over me and my crew. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of Panithor and explained to plenty the error of their ways, introducing them to the thick end of an anchor in the process.

The last spot of raidin’ we partook in resulted in us coming across some old crumbly called Nomagarok. He hobbled over to the quayside as we were about to weigh anchor and asked for safe passage in exchange for the promise of distant treasure. The lads are always a little wary havin a witch on board (bad luck ya see) but we fancied the promise of loot seemed worth the risk.

If ya fancy being first on the chopping block for our march towards this booty then be our guest."

"So you refuse? Good. I was hoping you would say that. These hills will be forever stained red with the blood of the fallen. Your cries will fill the air. As for your witch, it will die with the rest of you."

Followed by some comically method acting arrangement of which day and time suits us best. I'll try to keep on top of the action and post updates as the games are fortnightly. So for now I'll get scheming about some lists!


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