Glazin' Squad

With some base layers down it was time to put some mid tones in and then start the process of adding some volume by Glazing. As it was the biggest area and the lightest colour I took the Spacewolf Grey and went over all of the Blue Grey leaving some base coat only in the recesses. This took a heck of a time to get a consistent colour and a fair few coats. The end result was pretty startling and far from the "grey" I associate space wolves with. As instructed, the flesh was given a coat of bronzed flesh/bestial brown mix and I highlighted up a couch more with just bronzed flesh. The red parts got a coat of blood red and they started to get a bit of life and pop. At this point I was a bit worried that the end result was going to look way too stark. 

The Space Marine Painting guide suggested using dry brushing t build up depth on on the flat armour plates. I will admit at this I deviated from the true path (don't let the inquisition know). I am awful at dry brushing and have recently started learning how to glaze to get depth on things. I picked up a put of shadow grey and went to town with several thin coats pulled down to the lower parts of the armour plates. At the very underside of each area I deepend the colour with some Blue grey. I am pretty happy how they turned out and that the start off white has gone. 

The yellow pad and face got a gentle glaze of brown ink. Again I forgot how savagely strongly pigmented this is and had to reapply some of the mid tones over the top to get a decent blend.

I have some bits and pieces on the details to finish off then the wolves, bases and banners. It looks like there is no banner available on the back of the paint set manual so It's time to try some freehand!


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