I'm No1 so Why Try Harder

Think Ogres, think Grokagamok. I'm not entirely sure he is reliable but he appeals massively in game to my Orc and Goblin roots. Think Pump Wagons, Doom Divers, Fanatics and the like. A character with the ability to destroy a unit on its own is great. As with all the ogre units the low model count means I can spend a lot more time painting each one and still get an army done in reasonable time. Having a nice sculpt to work on helps too. The maneater Pirate from GW has always looked great and was originally set to be part of a Warhammer Quest Raiding party with a Slayer pirate, human from Talisman and a fan sculpted imperial noble with a boathook. It was another plan that never happened but thankfully means I still have the model handy.

Having started out already on Yellow and Blue as a theme for trousers it made sense to keep going. I wanted to try and give him a weathered and sunburnt look as if he had been campaigning for months at sea. The BSB being the cook I figured paler skin was appropriate from being hidden away in the galley but the rest of the lads would have seen some weather. It meant I could try and learn how to paint something other than the pretty standard pale Caucasian that seems to dominate. 

Rather than stacking all my characters on Rock bases I wanted to do something that differentiated him but didn't look the same. I managed to get hold of a great little dog with an eye patch from Shield Wall Miniatures which seemed to fit perfectly. It's a lovely sculpt with a little bit too much detail in some areas!

I may not field the model as Grok in every battle but I think he'll stand in nicely as a captain, warlord or maybe boomer sgt if I need to. I am pleased with the skin tone and I think the dog sets it off nicely.

Because I have taken so long to blog I may as well add in Grok's mate. Nomargarok strikes me along with the other ogre warlocks as being a bit more diminutive. despite these he does haves a hefty number of attacks and does come with the usual CS and brutal. He's surely the most versatile caster in the game. With the buffed Bane Chant more than likely to go off and heal to patch up the hordes he'd be enough. Add to this the Unit Strength, firebolts if you really need them, brutal and CS and then to top it all inspiring. The Jes Goodwin Ogres are iconic in their detail and character so taking the old shaman makes perfect sense. The darker skinned wizened old witch doctor look always seemed to be the way to go with this model. Having used him in a couple of battles now he's been invaluable and always doing something to contribute. Ogre hero slots are a premium so such a Swiss army knife makes total sense for me to make him on every list.

One of the joys of painting the model was the bizarre collection of charms and trinkets he has. Some I had no idea what they should be but I was adamant that the one on his should strap was a head of broccoli. To stop him appearing to small against the variety of ages of sculpts he got a rock to stand on and the two fingered salute always reminds me of the sleeve of an old prodigy album.


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